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How can i optimise the management of my Intellectual Property rights ?

Protect yourself well, with your French Patent and Trademark Attorney, in France and abroad.

With regard to patents:
  • Ensure the patentability of an invention by avoiding any disclosure prior to filing the patent application
  • Verify the freedom to exploit the invention with regard to the rights of third parties  
  • Define who will be the patent owner with regard to the inventor’s status
With regard to trademarks:
  • Verify the availability of the sign (trademarks, domain names, organisation names …)
  • Define who will be the trademark owner (person, company)  
  • Ensure the validity of the sign (non-descriptive, distinctive…)  
  • Define the best adapted and most legally reliable descriptions of products and services 
  • Complete protection by the reservation of one or more Internet domain names
  • Choose the best formula for applying for the patent abroad (national / international / European channels)
Manage well, with the help of your French Patent and Trademark Attorney:
  • Anticipate by applying as soon as possible
  • Make a regular inventory of your rights (strengths and weaknesses)  
  • Select which trademarks to renew and/or the patents to maintain or abandon  
  • Develop your rights by, for example, granting licences  
  • Exploit your trademarks to avoid forfeiture actions 
  • Check deadlines (not only those for renewals)  
  • Establish contracts which accompany the exploitation of the patent or the trademark.
To be well organised:
  • Define a real strategy with your French Patent and Trademark Attorney  
  • Train your personnel (marketing, legal…) about intellectual property   
  • Create an "intellectual property" culture in your enterprise
  • Communicate about your rights  
  • Define short- and medium-term objectives 
  • Watch the competition
  • Regularly perform a legal and financial audit of your entire portfolio in order to calculate the return on investment from intellectual property   
  • Evaluate patents and trademarks especially with regard to new partnerships, a sale, or a transfer…  
  • Be aware of the value of your rights
  • Enforce your rights and attack in case of counterfeiting
Managing one’s trademarks and patents isn’t merely a question of applying for them and renewing them, but of building a policy and a strategy, developed with one’s Industrial Property Attorney, to master the ensemble of aspects which may be complex and technical and require the daily help of a specialist.

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