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Information modules


Intellectual Property is a complex field and it isn’t always easy to understand its whys and wherefores. The CNCPI created this BASICS module to help you familiarise yourself with the players in the profession popularly known as “IP”. And because a video is often preferable to a long speech, the CNCPI also developed the following files.

Naturally, whenever you need them, French Patent and Trademark Attorneys are here to guide you and answer your questions. 

Trademark Availability (only in french)

Confidentiality agreements (only in french)


Intellectual Property Offices generally offer explanatory modules designed for private individuals.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of pertinent links:
•    National Institute of Industrial Property How to protect what? (only in french)
•    European Patent Office Guide for inventors 
•    European Union Intellectual Property Office: Trademarks and Designs
•    World Intellectual Property Organisation All about IP 

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