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Learning about Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is a subject which is often little understood or obscure. 
It is essential however to make the general principles of protection understood by the students who will become our future engineers, graphic artists, musicians, architects… Likewise, in an era when illegal copying and downloading have become so easy, it seems crucial to educate our high-school, middle-school students and even younger children about the importance of respecting the creations of others. 

In this context, the CNCPI participates in government-sponsored think tanks on how we could better educate future generations on the problems relating to Intellectual Property so that they arrive in the workplace with a solid understanding of the subject.
French patent and trademark attorneyss also regularly offer courses in Universities, Engineering Schools, Design Schools … in order to raise awareness among students about the very particular subject of Intellectual Property.
Are you a Director of a School, a Training Centre, or any other educational organisation, and wish to initiate your students into the principles of Intellectual Property?
Please don’t hesitate to contact the CNCPI.

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