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Press release CNCPI - CNB press release
Paris, first place for patent law

The CNB, French National Council of Bars, representative body of the legal profession, and the CNCPI, the French Organization representing Patent and Trademark attorneys, representative body of the profession of Patent and Trademark Attorneys (CPI), have decided to work together to make Paris the first place for patent law.

France is a leading player in the establishment of the Unified Patent Court, (UPC), since it is one of the two largest countries in terms of patent litigation in Europe and aims to welcome the future seat of this new European jurisdiction.

Today, even in the absence of UK participation, the UPC is a necessary tool to support innovation in Europe, enhance security for patent holders and further harmonize patent law.

For the credibility of the European Union, its attractiveness and its competitiveness, French patent law professionals wish to support and concretely contribute to a national leadership strategy for the sake of the European project of the UPC, in which Paris must be a stronghold.

The CNB and the CNCPI work together to allow French patent law professionals, lawyers and Patent and Trademark attorneys, to participate in the influence of European patents and the UPC, for the benefit of future users of such jurisdiction.

July 1, 2020 in Paris
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