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Board Members of the CNCPI are elected by the General Assembly for a two-year mandate.

The Board Chair represents the CNCPI in all areas, convenes General Assemblies, and determines their agendas with the assistance of the Board; (s)he may act as mediator in case of litigation.

The Board oversees the administration of the CNCPI, ensures the application of resolutions adopted during General Assemblies, and defines the mandate of its permanent Committees.

The current members of the Board were elected 3 December 2020 for the years 2021 and 2022.
Jean-Christophe ROLLAND Chair
François DELUMEAU Vice-Chair
Bertrand GEOFFRAY Vice-Chair
Aurore SIMON-DRUON Vice-Chair
Nathalie PACAUD Treasurer
Patrick MAROLLE Secretary
Marc BETHENOD Board Member
Christophe LEVEILLE Board Member
Annick PAIRAULT Board Member


The representatives of the CNCPI Advisory Council are elected by the General Assembly. 

The Advisory Council gives an opinion on questions submitted by the Board. They meet at least twice a year.

Former Chairs of the CNCPI are ex-officio members.
20 elected members :
Patricia Bismuth
Stéphanie Celaire
Steve Felix
Bruno Flesselles
Didier Intès
Christophe Jolly
Gabriel de Kernier
Guillaume de La Bigne
Bertrand Loisel
Jean-Baptiste Milien
Richard Monni
Cyra Nargolwalla
Emmanuel Potdevin
Isabelle Poujade Auriol
Enrico Priori
Manuel Roche
Philippe Rodhain
Sophie Smissaert
Lionel Vial
Marion Vidal

the former chairs

1991-1992 – Jean-Jacques Martin
1993-1994 – Axel Casalonga
1995-1996 – Irène Orès
1997-2000 – Jean-Jacques Martin
2001-2004 – Patrice Vidon
2005-2010 – Christian Derambure
2011-2012 – Xavier Demulsant
2013-2016 – Alain Michelet
2017-2020 – Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer


The permanent team is responsible for the ongoing affairs of the CNCPI, whether they be legal, administrative, or financial; they also handle internal and external communications, training sessions for French Patent and Trademark Attorney, etc.
The permanent team is based in the CNCPI offices at 13 rue du Quatre Septembre, 75002 Paris, and is at your disposal to answer your questions or to direct you to the competent persons on our Board, or in the CNCPI in general.
Marie BRECHANT Administrative and Legal Director marie.brechant@cncpi.fr
Caroline SENNEDOT Communication Assistant caroline.sennedot@cncpi.fr
Rita STEFANIAK Administrative Assistant  rita.stefaniak@cncpi.fr
Eliaz LEFEVRE Communication Trainee Assistant  communication@cncpi.fr

Rules of procedure

The CNCPI is a legally-established organisation that represents the IP profession.

The CNCPI has established rules of procedure whose object is to define the ethical rules and practice standards which govern the profession of French Patent and Trademark Attorney and ensure their respect by all of its members.

The Rules of Procedure of the CNCPI are prescribed as follows:
• Preamble
• Chapter I – General Provisions
• Chapter II - Organisation of the Institute 
• Chapter III - Activities of the French Patent & Trademark Attorney (CPI)
• Chapter IV - Duties of the French Patent & Trademark Attorney (CPI)
• Chapter V - Conditions of admission to the list
• Chapter VI – Disciplinary procedures
• Chapter VII – Collective exercise
• Chapter VIII - Relations with foreign professionals
• Chapter IX - Mediation by the Chair

Company Rules of Procedure as of 31/01/2017
Decision of 31/01/2017 adoptng the Rules of Procedure of the CNCPI

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